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Softball Rules

- All games will start on time!! . We only have the permits for a certain amount of time.  So all games will start on time! - I cannot stress this enough - if a game is called for certain time you must arrive at least 15 min before to prepare. First pitch will go off at the game time listed.

Applies for fall/spring league only: all games will end at 12:45 no matter what.- first pitch will be 9:10 no matter how many guys are present - all games must be done by 1245 latest. So if the first game runs late or starts late the second game will be shortened and games will end by 12:45. No games will run later than 12:45 unless extra innings are needed.

Applies for summer league only: games must end by 11:50. First game will start at 8:05. At 9:45, the last inning of the game must begin. The second game will begin after the first has ended. At 11:40, the last inning of the game must begin.


- If a team cannot supply a full team by the start of the game, they will be allowed to play with a minimum of 6 guys.

If a team has less than 6 guys:

That team will only have 2 outs per inning until they receive the 6th player, and the opponent (full team) will get the regular 3 outs per inning.


Any team member, who arrives during play of the game, will have to bat at the end of the batter order and must properly wait his turn, and if you arrive when your team is in the field, you can only go in the field after an out in the inning.
Any team member, who leaves during a game and does not return will be skipped in the order and will NOT count as an out for the team.


Payment is due prior to the first week of play. Any team member who has not paid in full prior to the first week of play risks losing their spot in the league.

Any player that drops out of the league after the season has begun will not be refunded their payment. However, if the league retains a substitute player, the player who dropped out will be refunded their payment less the pro rated amount for the weeks prior to the retention of a substitute player.

Any player who is removed from the league by the commissioners will be refunded their payment less the pro rated amount for the weeks prior to the removal from the league.

1) Underhand pitching, 3 outs per inning, 7 inning games, no bunting, (cannot square your body in the bunt position)

2) A team of 11 is only allowed to have 10 players in the field. There does not have to be an official designated hitter for the game - you are allowed to alternate every inning.

3) If a person is on base you are allowed to lead on the release of the pitcher. However, the catcher may throw the ball to your base and if the throw beats you back to the base you are out.

4) For every overthrow the base runner is allowed to advance as many bases as he wants, however he could be thrown out trying to do so.

5) In the event of a tie after 7 innings, the game will go to extra innings until a winner is decided.

6) If the ball goes through the open gate and out of the yard it will be a ground rule double (if there's a guy on second he advances to home - if there is a guy on first he goes to third)

7) If the ball hits any of the trees around the playing field - it is an automatic dead ball- even if the ball is caught! However this is up to the umpire!

8) A pitcher may re-enter the game. Once you have appeared in the game, you are allowed to re-enter the game at pitcher later in the game - if you chose to.

9) APPLIES FOR SUMMER LEAGUE ONLY :   I strongly urge all players to wear cleats - only rubber cleats will be allowed!!

10) All players must wear their uniform to every game. It is up to the umpire's discretion if you will be penalized. Remember to wear your jersey to every game!


Brooklyn League - Regular Season and Playoffs
You can only bring a sub for one of your top two draft picks or team captain IF you can not field a team of 9 guys without that sub. If you will have 9 guys without the sub, then the sub may not be brought.
Summer League - Regular Season
You can only bring a sub for one of your top two draft picks IF you can not field a team of 9 guys without that sub. If you will have 9 guys without the sub, then the sub may not be brought. 
IF you can not field a team of 9, you can sub lower drafted players with other players from the league as long as the subs were drafted lower.    
     Summer League - Playoffs
You can only bring a sub for one of your top two draft picks IF you can not field a team of 9 guys without that sub. If you will have 9 guys without the sub, then the sub may not be brought.

 12) If a team member is disputing any call by an umpire it will constitute in a team warning, any repeat offense shall result in an ejection of that team member. if a team member is thrown out of the game - he must exit the dugout and wait on the side. any neglect of the umpire's ruling will result in a team forfeit! so respect the umpire's decision or your team will pay the price! If a team has a legitimate argument, the CAPTAIN will be the only person allowed to discuss the situation with the ump. The umpire has the discretion to call a game if there is excessive arguing.

13) All players shall remain inside the dugout except for the on deck batter and the base coaches.  You will receive an automatic out for your team if the umpire has to tell players to get inside the dugout.

14) Fall/Spring League: We do not under any circumstances play with a mercy rule. All games shall be played in its entirety. The only way a game can end without playing it out, is if the team collectively decides to forfeit the game or time has run out.

    Summer League: If the home team has a lead of 10 runs at the start of or any point thereafter of the bottom of the 7th inning the game will automatically be over. If the away team has a lead of 10 runs at the start of or any point thereafter of the top of the 8th inning the game will be over automatically.

15) All games will be played no matter what the weather conditions we only have the field for a certain amount of times and we will play rain or shine. This applies for all games throughout the season.

16) Pitching delivery and rules:

There is no windmill delivery allowed. All pitchers must pitch in the "underhand" motion and may not throw sidearm to the plate. The pitcher does not have to start on the mound, he can start behind the mound (must be inside the pitching circle) but one of his feet must land on the rubber.

If a pitcher wants to intentionally walk a batter he does not have to bother pitching to the batter, he can tell the ump he wants to intentionally walk the batter and the ump will award the batter 1st base.

At the beginning of every inning the pitcher can warm up for 1 minute only. (same applies for a relief pitcher). A pitcher must wait for the batter to "set" his stance in the batter box and may not throw a pitch directly when he receives the ball back form the catcher.

 If a ball slips from the pitcher during his delivery - a ball is awarded to the batter and the ball is in play.

17) A runner may be called out leaving the base prior to the pitch. Thus after every pitch, the base runners must reset with their respective base after every pitch.

18) A player only who is in the infield and after all the runners have stopped running, may call "time". a player can put his hands up in the air in order to signal to the ump.

19) Batting out of order rules:

If it is noticed while the incorrect batter is batting: the correct batter may assume his place and assume the ball and strike count of the incorrect batter. Any run scored while the incorrect batter is as bat shall be legal.

if the error is noticed after the incorrect batter has completed his turn at bat: the player who should have batted is out.

20) When the umpire calls "play ball" the batter must step in the box or the ump may call strikes on the batter, regardless of the pitch placement.

21) If the ball touches the ground on the way to home plate and passes the catcher - the ball is dead and the runners may not advance.

22) No "thick barrel" bats may be used. All bats must be under 34 oz. we will supply bats however if you wish to bring your own, you may do so but it must meet our regulation size.

23) A catcher does not have to catch the third strike or throw down to first base. If you swing and miss, youíre out.

25)  Rule change: if you foul off a pitch when you have 2 strikes - you are not out.  Softball rule does not apply here.

26) When a player tags on a "sacrifice fly" he must reset with the base and leave only when the opposing player catches the ball. If you believe that the runner has left early and you want to "appeal", the pitcher may do so by throwing the ball to the respective base after the play is over.

27) If a player is coaching either 1st or 3rd - he may do so but must stay his in the coaching box. He may not touch the base runner under any circumstances.

28) Pitch runner: a team will only be allowed to pitch run 4 times a game. If for some reason a player cannot run, the last batted out can  act as the pitch runner. If you donít want to use the last batted out (because heís slow etc.),  you can go back 2 spots (2nd to last batted out) - however this counts as if you are used 2 pitch runners.

29) There is absolutely no contact allowed with the catcher during the play. if thereís a play at the plate, YOU MAY NOT KNOCK HIM DOWN OR YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY OUT AND POSSIBLY EJECTED (up to the umpireís discretion)

30) If an argument breaks out on the field, ANY PLAYER WHO LEAVES THE DUGOUT WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY EJECTED. you must remain in the dugout - Period.
31) Any player who put their hands on another person will be automatically thrown out of the game- PERIOD. Even if the ump does not see it, the commissioners hold the right to throw you out of the game.
32) Any player who throws a punch or is abnormally excessive, you will be suspended indefinitely. It will be up to the commissioners discretion as to how long the penalty will be.

PLAYOFFS AND FINALS - all the rules above apply during playoffs and finals.

The top 3 teams will make the playoffs. The 4th place team will not make the playoffs. The first place team receives a bye to finals.  

playoff game will be # 2 seed playing the # 3 seed and winner of this game will go on to play the #1 seed in the finals.

All the above rules will be enforced in all games throughout the season!

Follow them accordingly.